Hiking in Vercors near Grenoble

Yann, Alice et Robin - Hiking Guide, lead you to the heart of their playground : the Vercors regional natural park in the Alps. Beyond the roads, on the ridges or on picturesque forest trails, you will discover a territory where wild life and men's life blend.

From your place of accommodation, the Vercors is offered to you in the form of Discovering Hikings, Gaming Hikings or Talking Hikings.

Escape Game Vercors

A solar storm falls on the Vercors, the technologies stopped working. Will you achieve to escape the mountain of challenges allowing you to return to our contemporary civilization?

Orientation, reflection and determination will be the essential keys for your group to get out of it.

Three versions available:

  • During a day,
  • During half a day,
  • At nightfall


Talking hiking
Wolfs in Vercors

Eradicated towards the end of the 19th century, the wolf is back on the Vercors. The packs are one the ONE but do we really know this predator?

Discreetly, let's go on his trail.

Let us question the importance of its re-appearance: for man and pastoralism as for nature and its ecosystems.

Wolf are you there ? Can you hear me…


Talking Hiking
The first human in Vercors

The archeological sites of the Vercors have a lot of clues wich indicate the life style of the first human.

Let's go on their tracks and go back to the Paleolithic Time. Our walk will permit us to visit historical sites of flintknapping. Finally, we will go back to our modern time without forgetting to visit the Neanderthal Man.

And if time permits, let's try to light a fire with prehistoric methods.


Talking Hiking
Climate Warning in Vercors

During a walk in the middle of the Vercors ecosystem, let's discuss the impact of climate warming.

What is happening at the scale of our mountains ?
And at the scale of the Earth?

A « Talking Hiking » that retraces the history of the Vercors, between culture and nature. An invitation to observe the tangle of interactions of the living world and their fragilities.


Discovering Hiking
Wild Dinner (with cheese)

After a short walk, we find ourselves into the wild. We will first identify comestible, toxic and protected plants. Then we will compose our menu before we start picking.

Finally, prepare our wild dinner directly on the fire.

Later, we will go back to your accommodation by the light of the moon or that of our head lamp.


Nature Hiking

With your guide, go discovering the most beautiful spot near your accomodation.

Waterfall, belvedere, sunset, aerial path ... A thousand and one corners of the Vercors can awake your curiosity.

On the trail, discuss with your guide on the topics you want to digg (chamois, flowers, landscape, first human, economy, ...).

Our goal can be one of the highest mountain of Vercors.



Choose the thematic hiking you want to experience, and, at any moment, send us a mail at pbagnpg@cvrqireg.pbz or call us at +33 7 66 64 90 96. Your message must contain :


From 26€/person for a 6 person group.