You are hosted in Lans, Villard or Corrençon. You certainly see the Moucherotte, the Grande Moucherolle or the Cornafion. Perhaps you can even imagine the view of the Mont Aiguille from the Grand Veymont* or the **Tête des Chaudières.

The mountain guides Pied Vert invite you to discover the view offered by these belvederes once arrived at their summit. These hikes invite you to climb at your ryhtme between 600 and 1000m.

From these peaks, you will able to see chamois or their cousins ibex. On the way, you will certainly hear whistling marmots. And maybe in the autumn, you'll be able to catch the dear rut.

More information : 07 66 64 90 96 ou pbagnpg@cvrqireg.pbz

List of Peaks in Vercors

  • The Grand Veymont, 2341m (31T 699602 4971582)
  • The Grande Moucherolle, 2284m (31T 702073 4986693)
  • The Petite Moucherolle, 2156m (31T 701658 4986502)
  • The Rocher de l'Ours, 2038 m (31T 705124 4993863)
  • The Tête des Chaudières, 2029m (31T 700116 4985320)
  • The Pic Saint-Michel, 1966m (31T 706149 4996287)
  • The Pas de l'oeil, 1960m (31T 703587 4987842)
  • The Moucherotte, 1901m, (31T 707452 5002702)
  • Col Vert, 1776m (31T 704490 4992086)
  • Charande, 1709m (31T 703648 5006960)
  • The Gros Martel, 1543m (31T 696953 4996421)